Print On Demand: Is It Worthwhile?

Jimmy Misner Jr.
3 min readJul 6, 2021

A convenient and easy way to make money online.

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You may have heard of print on demand. It’s a potentially completely free way to make money online. You do this by creating designs and putting them on different types of merchandise. The most common is t-shirts but you can also put stuff on mugs, hoodies, clocks, posters and more.

How it works is that you find a platform like Redbubble or Tspring or Merch by Amazon. You start an account and you start uploading your designs that you want to try and sell. The reason why this is potentially completely free is that there don’t have to be any upfront costs. There are tools that can help you that cost money but they aren’t absolutely necessary.

The whole idea of print on demand is that the site doesn’t make any of these items until somebody orders them. Once they do the site will have it manufactured and send it to the customer. There’s a base price for the product that they take and you take the leftover profit. If you sell a tshirt for 20 dollars and it costs Redbubble 12 dollars to make it than you just made 8 dollars!

This seems to good to be true, right? It actually isn’t. This is a real way to make money online that doesn’t cost anything up front and can really earn you money down the line. That’s the what you need to focus on though. The reason this isn’t a scam is because it’ll take you time and effort to build your storefront up.

Sure, some people will talk about print on demand and how it will make you 10 thousand dollars in a month. While this is potentially true there is a lot of hard work and time required to reach this lofty goal. It takes promotion, advertisement, good designs and more. To succeed in this business takes a LOT of effort.

I personally have started a print on demand business on Redbubble. I personally haven’t had much success yet but that’s simply because I haven’t given it the time and effort it needs. I have however done lots of research into it and I do know what it takes to succeed.

Final Thoughts

Print on demand is a free way to earn money online by putting designs on merchandise and selling them. There’s no upfront costs as the website you’re working on doesn’t make anything until a sale is made. Once…



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