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I like to write about everything but mainly life lessons, relationships, and advice in general. I respond to comments so feel free to start a conversation!
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Let’s cut to the chase! I want to grow my publication One4All! I’ve got a decent amount of writers but I’d love to add more! I’d also love it if they published in One4All more often! I also would love to get a lot more followers! …

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I’ll just start of by saying welcome! I’m glad you decided to spend even one iota of your time checking my profile out! I’ll stop wasting your time and get to the nitty gritty!

A Brief Summary (turns out it wasn’t so brief, lol)

I’m a 33 year old, white, straight male. I enjoy reading, spending way to much time…

When I started writing here on Medium not that long ago, I spent a decent amount of time poring through story after story, trying to figure out how to do this whole thing correctly. I learned a lot and have implemented quite a bit of it as well! …

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My earliest memory as a child was when I was about 4 years old. There isn’t a whole lot to it but I’ll share what I can. I find it a bit interesting and even a little ironic, considering the path I ended up taking.

Let’s start off by shouting…

We’ve Got Some Good Ones!

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So, week three of the One4All contest! I’m going to announce the winners and then I have some news and a little bit of disclosure.

To start off, the winners of this week! There were two stories that were published for the third week, so…

Short Story

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This is a short story I decided to write, in the spirit of Halloween. I figured I should write something related to Halloween and I thought a fictional story about the true purpose of Halloween would do.

I had just settled myself into the pentagram, the ancient book opened up…

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☕️ShannonMoose took a break from writing about a month ago. She and her family went on what sounds and looks like an amazing vacation! She just shared a story giving details about where they went and what they did. She shared a bunch of beautiful pictures of the places she…

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I started following Nathalie within the last few weeks. I’ve read a fair amount of her stories and I quite enjoyed them! She’s smart and kind with lots of good advice and thoughts to share!

All I know is that I’ve yet to get bored when I read her stories…

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Are you someone who lives and breathes writing? Does your heart tremble when you see the perfect sentence? Does it skip a beat when you find a mistake in your writing? If not, you may not be a real writer!

What a load of nonsense! There are far too many…

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A “fun” game that the intolerant love to play is to demand their behavior be tolerated. “After all, you preach tolerance, why am I an exception?” they ask. They think they’ve won the argument, that you can’t defeat this so-called trap they’ve laid. Oh, but you can.

What people who…

Jimmy Misner Jr.

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